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Lisa Bogart
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Lisa's Blog

Lisa BogartMeeting in cyberspace the easiest thing to do is give you a snapshot of who I am. Here then, are a baker’s dozen facts about me.

 In 1987 I married my college sweetheart, Rod. We dated for seven years first. Believe me it was definitely worth the wait.

 Being Zach’s mom is one of my favorite things even if he is a full grown man now! He’s amazing.

 My exercise of choice is hiking. I walk the hills near our home every morning. It’s the best quiet time I know that doesn’t involve knitting.

 I love a good chick flick. The two I own so I can watch them any time I want are Love Actually and Stranger Than Fiction.

 My car is a 2011 slate blue Mini Cooper. It makes me smile every time I pullout of the driveway.

 The kitchen and I are on great speaking terms. I am a pretty good cook and I love to bake. Just ask the church choir about my plum cake!

 I recently moved from California to New York but I still think of myself as a mid-western girl. Being raised in IL, KS, MD, and CO will do that to a person.

 Autumn is my favorite season. And the first snowfall of winter comes in a close second for magical times of year. Raking leaves and knitting sweaters, ah good times.

 I am not a pet person however our fatso catso, Pepper, changed my mind. He is fun and I have learned to love him. He’s been round here for 8 years.

 If I do not have a good book to read before I go to bed I will go out at 9PM to buy a new one. I usually use the library though.

 In 2010 I won the Guidepost Writers Workshop and got to take a trip to Rye, NY to learn how to be a Guideposts writer. Exciting experience.

 Yes, I do smile as much as the pictures here have led you to believe. The glass is always half full!


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